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Roots and Wings

Beyond here there be dragons

19 May 1976
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Oh i hate trying to describe myself...lets see...what's fit
to print? i'm extremely magnetic. small chilren gravitate
to me. i live alone. Taurus Dragon, i was born on the same day
as Malcolm X. i've been studying cool for 15 yrs, i think
i've got it down to a science. i don't do small talk or
football, i find them incredible wastes of my very valuable
time. i live for good music. as much as i try to pretend
that i'm all about business in truth i party like its 1999
every chance i get. i'm beautiful and twisted. i
deserve the finer things in life.


My gender is

active, ally, angel, bent, biogirl, dyke, female-bodied, femme, freak, gender transcender, grrl, none of your business, pansexual, person, polyamorous, self-defined, switch, trannychaser, womyn

What's yours?

a different world, aaron mcgruder, activism, africa, african american women, african diaspora, africana, afropunk, aids, alice walker, amel larieux, amiri baraka, anarchafeminism, angry black women, ani difranco, anthropology, arbonne, barbara smith, bell hooks, ben folds five, bhangra, björk, black feminism, black folks, black hair, black intellectuals, black liberation, boidykes, bois, books, boondocks, brownies, butch, butches, camping, coldplay, collages, community organizing, complicated genders, conversation, counting crows, creative nonfiction, cree summer, dave matthews band, def poetry, dixie chicks, dorothy allison, erykah badu, female dj's, feminism, femme, femmes, feng shui, fierce femmes, fisting, fucking, geeks, gender studies, genderqueer, grammar and spelling, grey's anatomy, hip-hop, holosync, integrity, jaguar wright, jann arden, jill scott, june jordan, kelis, kindred, kurt vonnegut, landmark education, lauryn hill, malcolm x, margaret cho, meditating, michael moore, michigan womyn's music festival, mixtapes, mos def, my sister, nas, natural hair, nelly, neo-soul, nerds, ntozake shange, office space, pearl cleage, people of color, performance art, philosophy, photoreading, playwrights of color, poetry, portishead, queer organizing, queer people of color, radical politics, radiohead, reading, relational databases, reproductive freedom, revolution, sade, sarah jones, saul williams, semisonic, sex, sex positive, shopping, sinead o'connor, social justice, soullive, spider solitare, spiritual growth, spoken word, talib kweli, the coup, the cure, thrift stores, tim burton, toni morrison, tori amos, tranny bois, trans inclusion, trans-ally work, transexuals, transfeminism, transformation, transgender, travel, trip hop, tupac, uniball pens, vaginas, web development, women of color, wordsmithing, writing, yemaya, zines, zora neale hurston