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Yo TheBigDawg!!

Way to get yo'self born today!!! The world would be a bleak loveless hell withoutcha.

chocolate devil's food cupcakes
food porn for you!

The other woman

Clyde has a lot of friends. A great mob of them and if there's anything he lacks in friends it's more than made up for by the mass of family he's got. Make's me feel like a friendless orphan sometimes. Not that i don't have a motley crew of the most fabulous people in the ommiverse to call my friends but i relate to them much differently than he does. They call all hours of the day and night. They lean on him for advice and get him into ridiculous pickles. When we first got together i tried to win them over but that was futile as, by and large, they are not a trusting lot though i've managed to be friendly with a few of the more important of the tribe. At this point they don't much affect my life except to the extent that they affect Clyde's life, which, upon reflection, is a great lot.

In particular there is the issue of the amount of time they require. One of the things that really works best about my relationship with Clyde is that he gives me a wide berth. We love spending time together and I love spending time alone. I can usually got about a week before I need massive amounts of Natalie time, about 3 or 4 days usually suffices. We've gotten into this rhythm where we spend every minute we can together for a week or so and then he spends 5 or 6 days between his friend and families' places. Every now and again there will be a power struggle when his friends/family want him when it's my time but i usually win because while they cook his favorite foods like crab, i have an unlimited supply of ass. ass trumps crab.

Lately I've been feeling a little needier. The weather's nice I want to go out and play with the boy without having to consult his social calendar. Unfortunately my whining coincides with his birthday month (he'll be 40 on the 13th) which is apparently akin to a national holiday to those folks. So i can go hang out with folks i'm passibly cordial with to be with him or i can wait til it's my time again. Needless to say I've been waiting.

It's been making me restless and I finally figured out why. I have a running joke with him about "that bitch", a fictious other woman who gets blamed for all kinds of random shit and mercilessly picked on for no good reason. Last night when i was picking on her again we were laughing and realized that his friends ARE the other woman. That crush of friends and family are needy, whiny, full of drama, and trying to steal my man.

Seeing them that way takes a fair amount of the significance out of my neediness.

In other news, April 28 was our 2 year anniversary and you'll never believe what I did!! I cooked an amazing dinner of lamb rib chops, spring pea and rosemary risotto, and roasted asparagus and paired it with an amazing (read: expensive) vintage Merlot. I really put my foot in it!! He declared it the best meal he'd ever eaten. And I have to say that I surprised myself. The lamb was perfectly medium and the risotto wasn't burned!! I got the recipe from Rachael Ray's magazine. Gawd bless Rachael Ray!!

There's so much going on, Clyde and I are planning to live in Zimbabwe for a few months, work is intense, my relationship with my sister has gone to a new level. I've got so much to write about and not enough time at present. Soon though, soon.

i love you,

watching my french


I heart this song!!


I'm so going to hell for LMAO at this. (it's not true by the way) Thank gawd for The Onion.


Mar. 25th, 2008

Sara Bareilles' Little Voice is a brilliant and delicious album. Started out that I couldn't get "Love Song" out of my mind. Then I'd gottten stuck on "Vegas" on endless repeat. Now it feels like "One Sweet Love" is living my life. There isn't a bad song in the lot.  Don't take my word for it

One Sweet Love

Just about the time the shadows call
I undress my mind and dare you to follow
Paint a portrait of my mystery
Only close my eyes and you are here with me
A nameless face to think I see
To sit and watch the waves with me till they're gone
A heart I'd swear I'd recognize is made out of
My own devices....
Could I be wrong?

The time that I've taken
I pray is not wasted
Have I already tasted my piece of one sweet love?

Sleepless nights you creep inside of me
Paint your shadows on the breath that we share
You take more than just my sanity
You take my reason not to care.
No ordinary wings I'll need
The sky itself will carry me back to you
The things I dream that I can do I'll open up
The moon for you
Just come down soon

The time that I've taken
I pray is not wasted
Have I already tasted my piece of one sweet love?
Ready and waiting for a heart worth the breaking
But I'd settle for an honest mistake in the name of
One sweet love.

Savor the sorrow to soften the pain sip on
The southern rain
As I do, I don't look don't touch don't do anything
But hope that there is a you.

The earth that is the space between,
I'd banish it from under me...to get to you.
Your unexpected love provides my solitary's
Suicide...oh I wish I knew

The time that I've taken
I pray is not wasted
Have I already tasted my piece of one sweet love?
Ready and waiting for a heart worth the breaking
But I'd settle for an honest mistake in the name of
One sweet love.


Across the pond

Europeanview on “A more perfect Union”

very interesting blog post about the Obama race speech from a guy in England that references other international media coverage.


My Family in the News


My mother is the Executive Director of this school and my brother and his son are featured in this video. Saving this school is a family affair. I'm building a website to help them raise money to keep the school open and viable.



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