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NY Weekend Micropost

I've a poem wanting to be born about the City (NY), weaving in the events of the last few days. I'm pregnant with words really. so full to the brink with inspiration and want and satisfaction. first, notes for posterity: entrance serendipity, the smell of Oldskool, the massive blowout, the burn and press, Shango's strength. Dancing for the King. TopTop's hands and at my throat laughing, taunting, tremors. Tantric fisting. 3+ hour beat down. the one that got away.

How will I ever be able to think of anything else? I must, there are a million details to manage that don't have anything to do with breaking the skin. I'm a starved bitch, greedy when finally there's plenty. It can never be enough. Not true really, I'm completely full up. There have been nearly 3 years since the last, surely I'd survive another. but does this mean that i won't have to? how to nurture this buddy thing so it blooms? Does Hallmark make cards that say "that was the best beat-down of my life" or "Tops like you are one in a million. Thanks for not being nice." If they don't, somebody should.

Said straight Desire, was amazing. It's like somebody asked me what and who turns me on and served it up, on a six-hour long platter with treats and surprises i hadn't even known to fantasize about but which will now hijack my mind at every idle moment. I'm not much of a sleeper but I slept like a dead rock this morning. And had the most exquiste dreams. of course there's all the concern for being strange and that alas is my constant companion. There's no denying it I'm odd and curious and it's my favorite thing about myself. except when i wish i had the wallflower gene, which absolutely completely skipped me. Instead when I'm nervous i'm much more likely to draw a crowd. Good thing i don't take myself too seriously.

Serendipity, Synchronicity, and Flow? it's no small thing that both this inspiring event and the anthology i've edited are named Desire. Especially given the movement in that area. More on that another time. Now I'm falling asleep at the laptop and must sleep to dream.

I love you,


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